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Great Features

Innovative Search

From ordinary to extraordinary, we use a new AI approach on intelligent music filters to fasten the music search and make it more accurate.

Exceptional Composers

The heart and foundation of our music library are the exceptional artists who envision it.

Highly Curated Music

With the needs of our clients in mind we only pick the most touching songs to gain quality instead of quantity.

Customizable Songs

With the right tools at your fingertips you can shape the sonic souls of our songs and change them the way you need them.

Full-Stack Services

We also offer studio services, commissioned compositions and software integrations.

Fair Pricing

We offer our clients fair prices, but also value the work of our composer by paying them higher percentages than other libraries.

Social Responsibility

We try to balance profit-making activities with social activities that benefit local communities.

Team dropsong

The Team

We are team of experienced software developers, music composers, audio engineers and graphic designers in Berlin. We are real people, we are passionate and we have a deep love for music and modern technology.